The Passage by Justin Cronin Book Cover of The Passage by Justin Cronin

Read by Natalie July-August 2010 who recommended it as an interesting but overly descriptive book that was nothing like what she expected. There is a lot of hype surrounding this book where the rights have already been bought for a movie. It is not your "tween" vampire book and provides ample opportunity for some great discussion points for a wide range of ages. Click here to read the full book review.

1. What do you feel were the main themes Cronin was wrestling with in this novel?
2. What was your favorite quote/intro to which section of the novel and how do you feel it best set up what was to come?
3. Did you think the national response to the crisis was realistic (ex. California seceding from the U.S.)?
4. Do you think Cronin’s writing techniques and style changes were successful in bringing this world to life? Why or why not?
5. Did you have a hard time transitioning from the first third of the book to the last two-thirds? Why or why not?
6. Did you have any issues with the pacing of the novel? Why or why not?
7. Which character do you think loved Amy the most? Which do you think Amy loved the most?
8. What was the moment in the book that stayed with you the longest?
9. Was the ending satisfying or did it leave you thirsty for more?
10. Rate The Passage 1 to 5.

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