The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey NiffeneggerBook Cover of The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

This is a story of Henry (a time traveller) and his wife Clare (not a time traveller) and it certainly divided our opinions, so would be great for your book club discussions. This is definately book for a wide range of ages as it is in reality a love story that crosses the ages. Check out Natalie and Tracy's review on this book to get an idea of the differences of opinions. Click here to read the full book review.

1. Why do you think Niffenegger used this book title instead of "The Time Traveller"? Was it to remove the focus of the story from Henry and provide an alternate view? Would you think the story would be suited to the novel being called "The Time Traveller's Friends"?
2. The story is sometimes told by Clare, sometimes by Henry. Did you find this added to the story and helped you understand their different perspectives or provided confusion?
3. For Clare, there is always a sense of waiting. Discuss the different ways that she waits and do you think that this encourages longing, anticipation and whether absence really does make the heart grow fonder? Would you be as pliable as Clare to Henry's condition?
4. Who is your favourite character and why? Who is your least favourite character and why?
5. How does their desire for a child affect their relationship? What do you think of the Alba's conception?
6. Do you believe Alba will have a better life than Henry? Has society changed its perception of time travel and can Alba hope for a more normalised life?
7. How is their relationship changed by the fact that they experience events at different times? Do you think it strange that Henry was fascinated by Clare as a child?
8. Is the story believable and that the ending of the novel is satisfactory?
9. In The Time Traveler’s Wife, the characters meet each other at various times during their lifetime. How does the author keep all the timelines in order and “on time”?
10. How does the writer introduce the reader to the concept of time travel as a realistic occurrence? Does she succeed?
11. Henry’s life is disrupted on multiple levels by spontaneous time travel. How does his career as a librarian offset his tumultuous disappearances? Why does that job appeal to Henry?
12. Henry and Clare know each other for years before they fall in love as adults. How does Clare cope with the knowledge that at a young age she knows that Henry is the man she will eventually marry?
13. The Time Traveler’s Wife is ultimately an enduring love story. What trials and tribulations do Henry and Clare face that are the same as or different from other “normal” relationships?
14. Though history there have been dozens of mediums used for time travel in literature. Please site examples and compare The Time Traveler’s Wife to the ones with which you are familiar.

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