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We all know that books can take us to a magical place and on exciting adventures and OurBookClub has been created as a book review site featuring books that take our fancy. Here we promise to tell you exactly what we think and include independent book reviews and so much more! Natalie and Tracy spend time between Australia, England and any country inbetween, so using OurBookClub as a medium for communicating their passion for books allows them to continually grow their book collections. Initially OurBookClub was created by homage to our love of books and passion for reading. As that has grown, the mission for OurBookClub has also changed to become a one-stop shop for all things book related. If you like a review, just select one of our affiliated on-line book stores on the left of the page or under each book review and order. Remember that in addition to books, you can order movies, music, toys or anything else you like on their sites. We receive a commission which goes toward helping to keep OurBookClub running.

We both have very different reading styles, however, we do cross-over every now and again and it constantly amazes us at how different our opinions are, it also makes for some great debates over a glass of wine or two. There are several exceptions - Stieg Larsson, Lionel Shriver, Kate Atkinson and the new phenomenon of E.L. James (check out Our Favourites page for lots of information). Of course if you want to see the differences of our opinions, check out the reviews of the Twilight books and The Time Traveller's Wife.

There is nothing better than standing in the bookstore with arms of books and nothing worse than getting home and being disappointed, so by providing independent book reviews that help each other, we also hope to help others. We are not sponsored and therefore have no allegiances to any commercial operations, so that makes us independent in our thoughts and views, which we acknowledge can sometimes go against the grain. Tracy has also been testing out a few eReaders and has become a Kindle convert (read her comments here), although it hasn't replaced books in our opinion - they just lack the feelings associated with reading a fantastic book and somehow make the process slightly clinical. However, for travelling, it is going to be fantastic, no more lugging piles of books (I can see my partner smiling at that).

You may think we some of our reviews are critical, but they are our own independent views. It isn't all one way, as Natalie has recently become a published author (I Love You To Death and Stubborn Love), so we are aware of the publishing process, but if you are willing to put your work out there, you would be able to accept criticism as well as praise. In fact there are very few books that we do not appreciate on some level.

OurBookClub is constantly growing and we want to encourage collaboration and sharing, so please come back and see what changes we are making. .




The views and opinions expressed on this website are strictly those of Tracy and Natalie.

Where does OurBookClub get its information? We get our information from previously published sources (books, periodicals, magazines, online sources), book clubs that we personally attend and anything else we find on our search to read everything and anything. Where appropriate we have referenced and provided links to sites that we find interesting and helpful. Obviously in our thirst for knowledge we attempt to be original, but things can slip through the cracks, so if there is anything you find that we have not attributed, contact us. What you can be sure about is that only Natalie and Tracy upload information to OurBookClub which allows us the discretion to choose the books and information we want on the site and we try to include both positive and negative reviews to continue with our main aim of providing independent book reviews, not just promotional blurb from publishers etc. It is a fact that not all books are fantastic, in fact there are some books that are either impossible or extremely difficult to read. Read more at Publishers Weekly.

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