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Bookworld Online Retailer BookWorld

With over half a million existing customers, great customer service and a fantastic range, Bookworld feeds the imagination of every kind of reader. At Bookworld we have millions of titles to choose from including an outstanding selection of Australian and international bestsellers, all the latest children’s books, not to mention the perfect book for that lazy Sunday afternoon. Settle back and browse the shelves at leisure, select the latest CD, DVD or Blu-Ray or head straight to the checkout in just a few clicks. Whenever you need us, we’re open – no hassles, no waiting, and delivery is fast and free. Better still, sign up for a Bookworld passport and become a Bookworld citizen. You will receive great discounts on a huge range of products and become part of the Bookworld community where you’ll have an exclusive backstage pass in the world of books. Bookworld was named as one of the Top 50 online retailers in Australia in the 2013 Power Retail Top 50 list. Bookworld is an Australian business and a division of Penguin Australia Pty Ltd.

Bookcaffe in Swanbourne, West AustraliaBookcaffe Logo

Bookcaffe is an independent bookstore and cafe (perfect combination in our opinion). They also hold and host book clubs. Natalie and Tracy visited this place for lunch recently and discovered they have a great range of books and a very nice cafe, perfect for a Sunday lunch! The food was really nice with the only downside was that you can't flick through any of the books while enjoying a coffee - obviously we can see why not, but sometimes it is nice to have a look through a couple of books that aren't your usual selection. The Bookcaffe has recently undergone a refurbishment/makeover and now has an enlarged cafe area allow you to spend more time wandering through the bookshop on the upper level. There is also a new children's area and some gift ideas.

Millpoint Cafe Bookstore in South Perth, West AustraliaMillpoint Cafe & Bookstore

A recent review in the West Australian (Tuesday, 6 April 2010) highlights this treasure trove located in South Perth. Not only is it a quality bookshop (independent so we should all support it), but also focuses on quality coffee and healthy home-style cooking (as shown by the thriving weekend breakfast scene). This bookstore also holds book clubs. So if you want to join a book club, this is a great place to start as the topics are diverse. Natalie and Tracy have ventured there for lunch and it was busy busy busy. The store had a good variety of books with tables spread throughout the store. We actually found some books here that were not avaiable in Borders!

The Well Bookshop in Shenton Park & Applecross, West AustraliaThe Well Bookshop

This is another independent bookshop which can provide recommendations for book clubs. A rental system is in place, so you can ensure enough books for your club are available. The Well runs bookclubs on set nights of the week so you can find one you like and schedule it in your diary. Word of warning - they are not open on Sundays, as we once found out.

The New Edition Bookshop with stores in Fremantle and Northbridge, West AustraliaThe New Edition Bookshop

A funky independent bookstore. This is associated with Fremantle Press and sells books by local authors in addition to other mainstream and alternative works. Support your local book store it is a great place for local information. New Editions also has a funky clothing/jewellery store at the back of the book store which is a treasure trove of trinkets. They have a great selection of hardcover books which make great presents and some good cooking books that we hadn't seen elsewhere. This store just has a great feel about it, in fact the street has lots of good little cafes, art galleries, clothes shops and jewellery outlets that are individual.

The Bodhi Tree in Mt Hawthorn, West AustraliaThe Bodhi Tree, Inspiring Wisdom

The Bodhi Tree is one of Perth's most unique bookstore cafe's and targets those who are looking for more than the traditional bookstore. The Bodhi Treet caters to those who choose to live a mindful and meaningful life. As well as a fantastic range of books, there is also a coffee loung that provides healthy, chemical-free food and makes an ideal place for meetings. There are a multitude of workshops and courses and also an in-house writing coach.

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